Artist statement

I create forms that are reminiscent of the human body or other organic shapes. They appear greatly enlarged such as viewed by a macro lens. Most of them could represent intimate parts of the body such as a fold of the skin. Being blown up so large, they become unrecognizable and the interpretation of what is being seen has more to do with the viewer's unconscious than what I have partially tried to render. I am interested in exploring how this language of forms can be used to portray human predicaments such as vulnerability, a sense of engulfment, despair, limitation or alienation. This language, to be effective, has to take into consideration the principles that rule our bodies, such as the relationship between bones, muscles and flesh or gravity. I create these shapes using various materials: paper, canvas, forged steel, wood, plaster and clay, exploring the potential of each medium to express the vulnerability and power of flesh. I appreciate the contrast between the roughness of certain techniques and tools, such as the chainsaw or blacksmithing and the fragility and warmth of the desired result. I also seek the transformation of matter as part of my process: the rust resulting from the chemical reaction of steel dripping onto a paper material evoking the bleeding of wounded flesh, moss growing on an outdoor sculpture allowing the piece to merge with its surroundings or steel becoming amorphous through its subjugation to fire. Recently, my focus has been on how these shapes react when confronted by an oppressive force.