I create large forms that are reminiscent of the human body or other organic shapes. My interest is in exploring how this language of forms can be used to portray human predicaments such as vulnerability, a sense of engulfment, despair, limitation or one of alienation. The fleshy compositions that appear in my work depict a compensatory world to our individualistic society that can be alienating, without merge to group, Nature, or a deeper Self. I envision this compensatory world as erotic, womb like, comforting, yet at the same time unsettling and engulfing. As a former dancer, my comprehension of form is a visceral one and my work is permeated by movement and rythm.
     I create these shapes in various materials: drawings on paper or canvas, forged steel, wood, plaster  and clay, exploring the potential of each medium to express the vulnerability and power of flesh. I am particularly interested in the contrast between the roughness of certain techniques and tools, such as the chainsaw or blacksmithing and the fragility and warmth of the desired result.